Preserving a Cruise Ship Negligence and Rape Case

Sterile areas are needed to preserve a cruise liner rape claim

Learn here about preserving a cruise ship rape case. The Ehline law firm PC is located in Los Angeles, California, just minutes away from San Pedro, California a popular point of departure passenger port in Southern California. Our team of legal envoys will help victims of forcible violations, wherever they are. Your local confidants will give it our all to help you get money damages for your serious personal injury and loss, while respecting your need to keep this private and confidential. Our duties and promise includes fighting to get you special damages, like medical bills and lost wages, and general damages like past, present and future pain and suffering.

If you were the victim of rape, or assaulted, or even harassed by a cruise line worker or errant passenger, call now for a free consultation. Some chance events include a torn anus or vagina, sexually transmitted diseases and so on. Even if you are an injured employee in a seafarers union, or cruise liner employee, we may be able to secure you money damages in your delicate affront.

Litigating a cruise ship rape case requires extensive legal skills. You may need to hire an expert witness to help prove your rape case and the resulting damages and liability. You may have suffered sever trauma and may even need a forensics expert, or security expert. This is because sexual predator cases like this are very complicated when it happens off shore.

Did you know that under the law of agency, a negligent cruise line may be vicariously liable for bad acts of its cruise ship employees and agents. You may be entitled to recover money damages for your civil case, even if the intentional or wrongful acts aren’t within the scope of these people’s employment
or agency.

  • Preserving Evidence
  • Duties Owed by the Ship
  • Who Helps?

How Do I Help Preserve My Own Sexual Assault Claims?

Assuming you are the victim of a cruise ship crime, like rape, battery, assault, and so on, make sure to seal off the scene of the crime and allow no one to pass but law enforcement personnel such as the FBI.

  • Make sure to take photographs immediately, so long as you don’t trample on the accident or crime scene. Law enforcement will usually wear special clothing, including sterile gloves, boots and even respirators to avoid contaminating the crime or accident scene.
  • Make sure to get the witness’ information, if any, like their phone numbers and where they live. (A physical address.)
  • Get a tape recorder and get a recorded statement. (Try your cell phone, most have built in recording devices.)
  • If you are a victim of a cruise ship rape for example, don’t eat, wash your mouth out, or wash your body until you have been swabbed and examined by a medical doctor.
  • Ask the doctor to take blood samples as well and get the doctor to write it down in the medical charts.
  • Make sure to get photos of the ship’s crew.
  • Make sure to get photographs of any ship passengers who may have been involved in the assault as well.

The cruise corporation will probably do its best to destroy evidence. Keep that in mind. Call the FBI immediately. THE FBI will know what to do better that the injured victim. Contact Ehline Law Firm PC, immediately and set up an injury claim.

What Else Do I?

  • Look at your boat cruise passenger ticket.
  • Make sure to find the statute of limitations and venue clause. (See above.)

Most cruise lines require an injured cruise ship passenger to notify the cruise line of any injuries starting six months after the unforeseen and life altering event. If not, the befallen passenger’s claim could be barred. Mail your claim certified mail, return receipt requested. Retain copies of the certified letter.

Does a Cruise Ship Owe Any Duties to Me?

In exchange for the cost of a ticket, a passenger liner creates a legal, binding contract with the tour boat passengers. But much of the contract is unfair, and tilts in favor of the cruise liner company. These provisions can seriously hinder your rights. These harsh conditions can include the six month notice provision, and the one year filing provision, as well as the harsh forum selection provision. Other unfair provisions include a that claim for lost or damaged baggage as low as $100 is valid, even if you lost over $100,000 in goods. Other harsh conditions include the right to deviate from a previously set and printed schedule and even disclaim liability for on-shore injuries.

Who Can Help Me With More Tips and Legal Advice?

Call Ehline Law Firm PC. to learn more information. We have vast knowledge preserving rape and negligence, claims and will do our utmost to protect your rights and claims under the laws of the sea and the laws of the land. 24 hour hotline at 1-888-400-9721.