Costa Concordia Cruise Liner Info

Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Injury?

The tragic sinking of the luxury cruise ship Costa Concordia only hours after it embarked on a seven day Mediterranean cruise will be a part of history that was preventable. The lives that were lost could have been prevented and the passengers that were injured were preventable. Passengers were not given accurate information after a large gash in the hull of the ship and they were not evacuated properly.

This led to confusion, injuries and even deaths of passengers, for several reasons. The captain actions were not geared to protecting the passengers, the passengers had not had their emergency exit class and the crew was not prepared for an emergency evacuation of the ship. If you or a loved one in your family was involved in the Costa Concordia sinking tragedy the cruise ship attorneys at Ehline Law PC are able to provide representation that will allow you to recover the full amount of compensation that you are entitled. Our experience in representing cruise ship accident victims will mean that you can center on physically and emotionally recovering from cruise ship accident and let us worry about the legal and financial aspects.

Time is Limited to File a Claim

The law limits the time an injured victim or the family that has lost a loved one, which can be as little as six months to file a claim. It is essential to file your claim within the allotted amount of time to avoid forfeiting your rights to take legal action. Ehline Law Firm PC is urging the victims and families of the Costa Concordia cruise ship accident to contact them immediately, before time runs out. There are many victims of this disaster and Ehline Law Firm, PC urges victims and the families that lost a loved one to join in the class action lawsuit.

Understanding a Class Action Lawsuit

The way that the legal system is designed when a incident occurs with multiple victims, which can number as high as hundreds or even thousands of plaintiffs to join in the lawsuit against the defendants, to hold them responsible. This allows the justice system to work fairly and efficiently for both the plaintiffs and the defendants.

Determining Responsibility in the Costa Concordia Calamity

One of the steps the personal injury attorney will do is investigate the facts of the debacle, in order to determine the party or parties that are responsible for the accident that resulted in injuries or wrongful death. There can be varying degrees of responsibility and it is the duty of the victims attorney to ascertain the degree of accountability. This is an important part of the legal claim when damages are awarded, in which the defendants will be ordered to pay their share of the compensation to the injured victim or victims. The Costa Concordia cruise ship accident the Costa Cruise Lines, Inc. is placing all of the blame on the captain of the ship Francisco Schettino. The captain did not follow the charted electronic course in order to salute the island of Giglio Italy. While the larger portion of the cruise ship accident can be placed on the captains actions, it is possible with thorough investigation that Costa Cruise Lines, Inc. and their parent company will also share some blame.

Contacting the Cruise Casualty Attorneys

It is important for the injured victims and the families that lost a loved one in the Costa Concordia disaster to speak with qualified and experienced advocates. Ehline Law Firm PC has the resources and skills to hold the responsible parties accountable and recover fair compensation for the victims and their families.  Ehline Law Firm PC can be contacted at 888-400-9721.